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The JAMM Family Welcomes You!

It’s been a long time in the making, and at long last, here we are: with our hearts filled with pride and excitement, the JAMM family would like to welcome you to the launch of our brand new website!

Here we will post information covering the ins and outs of the various Support Services we provide through our programs, give prospective donors and recipient families easy ways to connect with us and engage with our work, announce updates and new JAMM developments, and help you get to better know who we are and what we do.

It’s been quite a journey getting to where we are today, but we’ve been surrounded by all the best people every step of the way and have never felt more sure of ourselves than we do now. We’re truly blessed to have the chance to bring to life the vision that we had for JAMM, and we’ve been working hard to make the most of that opportunity.

In just shy of six months we’ve already begun supporting three beautiful families, helping them maintain a stable, happy, and healthy household in trying times. We couldn’t be more proud of the impact our assistance is having, and with God’s blessing we hope to soon add more recipients to our roster, expand the JAMM family yet further, and continue to strive to better serve the honest, hard-working families in our community. There’s a bright future ahead.

We hope you’ll be following along, and invite you to join JAMM in our mission to lend a helping hand to struggling single parents and the children that mean the world to them.