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What is JAMM Family Support?

Who We Are

The story of JAMM’s founding carries a deeply personal weight for George and Jenny MacIntyre, two of its founding members. After a 2007 divorce Jenny herself faced the trials of single parenthood, and in 2012 George too found himself supporting his family alone after his wife’s unexpected passing.  Separately, these brave single parents fought hard to provide the balanced home environment they knew their children needed to nurture their spiritual growth. Together, they’ve found inspiration in this common experience and set out to help other struggling parents provide that same stable and spiritually nurturing environment they wanted for their own children. This emphasis on the needs of the children is codified in the name they chose for their endeavor: JAMM, derived from the first initials of Jenny’s four children—Julia, Anna, Michael and Matthew.

Having each endured the hardships of single parenthood themselves, Jenny and George are intimately familiar with the challenges presented by raising children on your own. The sheer volume of responsibilities is overwhelming, and even simple tasks like laundry, house upkeep, and grocery shopping can start to pile up and seem almost insurmountable when a family has only one parent to juggle the responsibilities of both breadwinner and caregiver.

JAMM Family Support, Inc. recognizes the important roles that local churches and support organizations mean to the successful rearing of a family under these circumstances.  JAMM not only provides direct support to assist with those challenges described above, but also works with churches of all different denominations in order to meet the needs of its participating families.

A person can’t live on bread alone, and there’s more to raising a child than keeping them fed and clothed. Faith in God and the importance of close family bonds serve as key unifying values for those associated with the JAMM Family Support organization. Jenny, George, and the other members of JAMM’s board of directors are strong Christians who believe in the importance of raising their families to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.


What We Do

As a God-inspired organization servicing Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, JAMM strives to help families headed by working single parents nurture their spiritual lives while providing financial support to ease the burdens of home ownership, rent, car maintenance, childcare, and other basics needs.  JAMM also makes the commitment to support participating families in other aspects of their day-to-day lives; this could mean help with minor repairs to the house, help finding resources for a special need such as family counseling, or a variety of other forms of assistance.

Mission Statement

The purpose of JAMM Family Support, Inc. is to raise funds in an effort to assist single parent families with a variety of family support services, including financial support, in order to improve the quality of life for the subject families while stressing individual character and leadership qualities which will enrich the lives of family members. JAMM Family Support, Inc. is committed to promoting and developing the overall growth of single parent families in an environment that promotes and emphasizes spiritual growth while attempting to alleviate financial burdens which are encountered by single parents.

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JAMM Family
Participating families become a part of the extended JAMM Family!