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JAMM Family Support

A Helping Hand Is Just In Reach

Consider yourself a few years ago. Likely, you had all sorts of plans for yourself—hopes and dreams and goals coming together into a vision you had of your future. And just as likely, things haven’t gone exactly the way you envisioned they would go. They say that the best way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans—we all regularly plot our futures thinking we know everything we need to know, and we all regularly have these plans disrupted by the unexpected and the unpredictable.

But no parent should have to struggle alone to provide a decent life for their child because of the curveballs life sends their way. No child deserves to suffer at the hands of circumstance.

This is what we believe, and it’s probably what you believe too. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to extend a helping hand to struggling single-parent families throughout Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. JAMM Family Support, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in western Kenosha County, Wisconsin that supports families by providing a range of services through our various programs.

The difficulties of single parenthood are hard to overestimate. The absence of one parent could mean that a stay-at-home mother now has to struggle to find a way to rejoin the workforce. It could mean a full-time working parent now has to take time off of work while they look for childcare. It could mean not being able to pay the mortgage on your family home, or not being able to afford daycare, or not putting enough food on the table.

And worst of all, while the parent stretches themselves thin trying to do everything they can to deal with all these issues, working overtime and juggling multiple jobs and doing their best to both provide and care for their family, they often get less time than ever before to actually spend with their children. Just at that moment when a child is coping with the turmoil that accompanies the sudden absence of a parent, the other parent can become so busy keeping the household afloat that the child feels lost and abandoned. This is a delicate time for a child, and they need the support of their parent through such an emotionally trying time. They need a parent who is capable of both taking care of their physical needs and also giving their spiritual needs the same attention.

To serve that end, the purpose of JAMM is to provide struggling parents a bit of breathing room. We raise funds in an effort to assist single parent families with a variety of family support services, including financial support, in order to improve the quality of life for the subject families while stressing individual character and leadership qualities which will enrich the lives of family members. JAMM Family Support, Inc. is committed to promoting and developing the overall growth of single parent families in an environment that promotes and emphasizes spiritual growth while attempting to alleviate the financial burdens which are encountered by single parents.

Our services aim to reassure parents and children of that important truth: that you are not alone.

Our Causes

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  • Jessica, New Berlin, WI

    “With your help I have been able to (it's almost done)- complete another degree, and because of this, I am now interviewing for jobs that will actually pay enough for me to meet my bills each month- without having to rely on the child support which may or may not come.” - Jessica, New Berlin, WI

  • Jessica, New Berlin, WI

    “The level of stress that is ever-present living in and around poverty is difficult to describe- it is so insidious and harrowing- but that is what the girls and I were heading back to before you intervened.  I am still working on "getting there", but thanks to you (and I really mean this) I have been able to lay down a foundation for a decent future for me and the girls. I would not have been able to progress towards independence without you and what you have done for us, and I'm not sure I will ever have the words to thank you enough.” - Jessica, New Berlin, WI

JAMM helps single parent families in need!