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Support Services

JAMM Family Support Services in Illinois and Wisconsin

Every family experiences different circumstances and the challenges that a single-parent household can face are varied and numerous. While one parent may just need some help making monthly payments on their home or maintaining their car, another may have no income at all and struggle to feed their child. Still another may have ample work opportunities but worry about the quality of childcare their child gets and wish they had more guidance at home. The situations are all similar and yet different.

With this in mind, JAMM Family Support, Inc is proud to an expanding array of programs to address the various individual needs of different single-parent families. So far, this includes: our Single Parent Support Programs, which are our primary method of directing aid to familes; our Sponsor a Family program, which gives especially generous donors a different way to help; and our Rightway Youth program, which is still in development but aims to address the social and spiritual needs of children in single-parent homes.

Single Parent Support Programs

These programs provide assistance with basic financial needs. Families who meet the requirements for our Back to Basics program or our Scholarship programs receive a set amount of monthly assistance dependent on the severity of their situations. The Back to Basics program, for example, provides monthly gift cards for food and other basic goods.

The Scholarship Programs constitute a greater level of support. We call them Scholarship Programs not because of any academic enrollment required of the parent, but because, like a scholarship or a grant, we view these programs not as charity but as investments. The Scholarship Programs run longer, allocate higher monthly support amounts, and are meant to assist with the more serious financial burdens of housing and childcare. They’re scholarships because they represent a greater investment in a family’s well-being. The way scholarships subsidize students’ costs so that they can focus on their education, we subsidize parents’ costs so that they can focus on the spiritual development of their children—because the same way a more educated society is in everyone’s interests, we all win when families are able to provide children healthy and balanced environments for their growth.

Sponsor A Family

This program provides the same basic services as the Single Parent Support Programs. The difference is that, rather than drawing generally from the pool of funds JAMM allocates to these programs, donors can choose to cover the expense of the entirety of one such program for one family for a full year. The donor receives basic information about the family and how they are doing (but no identifying information to respect the family’s privacy) and so they can receive a more tangible sense of the good they are performing.

Rightway Youth

JAMM believes in a collaborative approach to child-rearing, recognizing the importance of parents, churches, schools, and community organizations in the roles they play in raising a child. An often underestimated part of this is the influence of peers on children in forming their identity. Taking that into account, JAMM plans to establish programs which will connect children from single-parent homes and their surrounding communities to encourage peer mentorship and positive social and spiritual growth.

JAMM Single Parent Family Support Programs Eligibility:

– A single mother or a single father of at least one (full dependent) child under the age of 18. The child must live at home with the applicant parent a majority of the time.

– School-age children of the applicant parent must be enrolled in school full-time. Families with school-age children that are not enrolled in a school are ineligible for these programs (except students that follow an established homeschool curriculum).

– The applicant parent’s children must be dependents of the parent applying for aid through JAMM Family Support, Inc.

– The program is primarily supported by Christian followers but participants are not required to be Christians themselves. JAMM programs are open to people of all religious beliefs.

– However, as a Christian support organization, JAMM will ask the parents of participating families to sign a pledge to make all reasonable efforts to take children toddler-age and older to church services on a weekly basis. The church does not have to be any particular denomination.

JAMM helps single parent families in need!