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Single Parent Services


The crux of JAMM’s operations is of course its family support programs. These programs, offered to working single parents who meet JAMM’s simple eligibility requirements, are the primary apparatus for actually delivering services to the applicants. They vary based on what expenses they’re meant to cover, how the funds are disbursed, the support amounts, and the program length. At the moment, JAMM Family Support offers three types of single-parent family assistance program:

– JAMM Rental/Mortgage Assistance Scholarship Program

– JAMM Childcare Assistance Scholarship Program

– JAMM “Back to Basics” Program

The “Back to Basics” Program, as the name suggests, offers assistance dealing with the most basic expenses. Recipients receive gift cards every month to help pay for daily necessities, in particular food and gas. The “Back to Basics” Program provides the lowest monetary value in monthly support, lasts six months compared to twelve like the other two programs, and is the only one that provides recipients gift cards rather than disbursing funds directly to families for them to make payments themselves. This is the program for the single parent that only needs the bare minimum of assistance—just a bit of help keeping food on the table and gas in the tank.

The Rental/Mortgage Assistance Scholarship Program and Childcare Assistance Scholarship Program, by contrast, are more involved. They pay out more money, last a year instead of six months, and are targeted toward helping parents afford housing and childcare.