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Rightway Youth

Raising a child isn’t all just keeping them fed, clothed, and in school. Any parent will tell you that more than anything, what they wish for their children is to raise them to be well-adjusted, social, fulfilled individuals with a sense of purpose and people who love them. But when one parent leaves a child’s daily life and the other is busy struggling to hold the household together, the child can often miss out on the positive mentorship they need to grow into that person. What’s left is the possibility that they can fall in with the “wrong crowd” in their age group.

That’s why JAMM Family Support’s Rightway Youth program aims to reintroduce that positive influence into the lives of the children of single parents. By connecting these children with each other and with other children in their communities and facilitating group activities like video chat Bible studies and group discussions about semi-structured safe topics, we give them a place to interact with their peers in a positive environment. When you donate to the Rightway Youth programs, you’re funding our efforts to build these peer-mentorship services, so that children can continue their personal growth free of negative influences.