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Sponsor A Family

There are many families out there who could use JAMM’s services. Single-parent families who need help paying for food, finding affordable childcare, staying in their homes, and the endless small tasks that start to add up when a parent is gone. Unfortunately, we do only what we can, and we can’t help them all. But every child is important, every family deserves a chance, and even a bit of good is better than none.

With that in mind, we invite you to consider contributing to our Sponsor a Family program. You may not be able to save every family, but with a single donation you can support one family for an entire year. This means they get access to our Single Family Services, using your generous contribution to help pay for housing, childcare, food, and other needs. With your donation, you get the benefit of receiving regular updates about how the family is doing, including the parent’s occupation, ages of the children, and hobbies they enjoy. When you sponsor a family, you truly get to see the tangible positive impact you have on the lives of real people. And that’s not something you can put a price on.